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Compostable  *  Easy  *   Clean

Koop Haus is the ORIGINAL disposible nesting box for chickens.

Chicken Nesting Box in Barnyard Motif - Koop Haus is the first disposable nesting box for backyard chickens.  Made in the USA, these nests ship flat, unfold and pop-up into a ready to use nesting box for your new or growing flock.

  • Low Cost

  • Easy to assemble

  • Compostable/Recyclable

  • Clean

Designed for EGG-stra comfort with a front entry and deep nesting area.  We suggest filling the box with straw or natural wood fiber nesting pads (not included).  Koop Haus Nesting Boxes can be hung on nails or with a bolt assembly on fencing with hardware cloth/chicken wire (not included). NESTS MUST BE HUNG OR FASTENED TO A WALL TO PREVENT TIPPING.  These US made cardboard nests should be hung in a dry, shaded location.  Depending on number of chickens and the weather, each box should last about 1-4 months before replacing.  We recommend 1 Koop Nesting Box per 1-5 chickens.